So You've Bought 4k footage ... Now What?

When you are nonetheless Uncertain about getting the suitable publicity, You will find there's low cost but quite powerful unit known as an 18% gray card which will Restrict your annoyance, if used appropriately.

When mild falls upon a certain object; if the article is too darkish your camera or meter will instantly Offer you an in excess of-uncovered reading. This also happens after we take a looking at from something that is too

brilliant – the meter presents us an underneath-uncovered looking through.

We have to find a mid-tone item for our meters to read through the proper exposure.

Sometimes if we have been having shots inside a significant agreement scene a mid-tone object is unattainable to uncover. 18 % gray would be the mid-tone between pure white and pure black.


An eighteen% gray card will file the exact gentle that can contact any item. Start out by inserting the gray card in which you are likely to acquire your reading through, place your digital camera or light-weight meter at the grey card – your meter must examine the precise 4k stock light that falls on the card.

These cards may be used for every type of photography. When you are using a portrait location the gray card beside the topics footage facial area. This gives you an actual reading and enable to capture ideal skin tones.

We dont require to comprehend the complete science of how this operates, but recognizing somewhat doesnt harm. All gentle-meters are calibrated to create an publicity of 18% The gray card reflects the very same reading through.

This card only expenses a number of Euro, and many good digicam merchants really should promote them. The 18% gray card ought to turn into an important portion within your gear. The gray card can be used when you shoot with electronic or movie cameras, and whether or not you utilize black and white or colour movie.