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When you are even now unsure about obtaining the right publicity, You will find there's inexpensive but quite effective product termed an eighteen% gray card which will Restrict your disappointment, if utilised appropriately.

When mild falls on a particular object; if the object is too dim your camera or meter will routinely Provide you with an over-exposed studying. This also transpires once we have a studying from something which is too

shiny – the meter presents us an beneath-exposed studying.

We have to look for a mid-tone item for our meters to study the right publicity.

At times if we're having photos inside a high contract scene a mid-tone object is impossible to discover. eighteen % gray may be the mid-tone between pure white and pure black.

An 18% gray card will file the exact light that will touch any object. Start by positioning the gray 8k footage card in which you will get your looking at, stage your digital camera or mild meter on the gray card – your meter really should examine the exact light that falls upon the card.


These playing cards can be employed for all sorts of images. If you're taking a portrait put the gray card beside the topics facial area. This will provide you with a precise studying and enable to seize fantastic skin tones.

We dont need to grasp the total science of how this functions, but recognizing slightly doesnt damage. All light-meters are calibrated to produce an exposure of eighteen% The grey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/?search=stock footage card demonstrates the exact same reading through.

This card only prices some Euro, and most good camera shops really should market them. The eighteen% gray card really should come to be an important aspect of one's devices. The gray card can be employed should you shoot with digital or movie cameras, and irrespective of whether you use black and white or colour movie.